Surrogacy services with Zhordania

Integral consulting

Before starting a surrogacy process, we will inform you of the steps to be taken and solve all your doubts.

Legal assistance

Legal assistance will be covered from start to finish, including procedures at the Civil Registry and Consulate.

IVF and pregnancy monitoring

In our clinic we will carry out the processes of in vitro fertilization and all the follow-up of the pregnancy.

Surrogate selection

In our clinic we will select only those surrogates who meet the strictest medical and psychological standards.

Embryo transport

If the biological parents have frozen genetic material, our clinic is prepared to receive delivery of this material.

Accommodation for parents

Our parents will be provided with accommodation on their first trip to Georgia and on their last visit to Tbilisi.

Mother surrogate selection

The selection of a surrogate mother is done through the strictest medical and psychological analyses.

Medical health

Our surrogate mothers are subjected to exhaustive medical examinations that confirm that they are healthy women with the capacity to carry out a gestation process with all the guarantees. They must be mothers of at least one healthy child.

Psychological analyses

Our surrogates must be women who are prepared and motivated to carry out the surrogacy process in an optimal way. Furthermore, they must not have had any previous convictions or cases of alcoholism, drug addiction, deprivation of parental authority, etc.

Legal assistance

Only those heterosexual couples whose women cannot safely carry a pregnancy are candidates for surrogacy in Georgia, without the need for a genetic relationship with either spouse, but in reality and to avoid problems in the future, at least the intended father must contribute his genetic material. Our clinic provides following services:
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