Infertility treatments

Zhordan Clinic applies the safest, most effective and successful methods for the treatment of infertility, with modern methods and the participation of a high quality team of embryologists and doctors and assisted reproduction technologies. With the cooperation of the Spanish Reproduction Centre IVI and using international standards, the clinic provides advanced diagnosis and treatment for infertility treatment.

In Vitro fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization is an assisted reproduction technique (ART) also known as IVF. The process involves the fertilization of a woman’s egg with a man’s sperm in a laboratory dish, outside the woman’s body. The embryo or embryos are then transferred to the uterus.

IVF can be used to treat infertility in the following patients:

Obstretics Gynecology

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Zhordania Clinic attends to women with certain conditions, including any type of pregnancy, regardless of its complexity.

We support our patients in each and every stage of their lives, carrying out programs for the prevention and early detection of disorders.

Our medical team offers different treatments, such as prenatal care and surgery with laparoscopy. In addition, we have a department with the latest technology for the treatment of high-risk pregnancies.